The Cheese and Romanian Brandy Festival takes place in Rășinari, since 2003.  During the two festival days the visitors can taste traditional products and food specific to Marginimea Sibiului. (for example mutton stew in “pot” or sloi de oaie/mutton boiled in own fat, shepherd chunk, lamb pastrami etc). Various artists and folk dance groups will be present on the festival stage.

Specific for this  festival is making the 25 meters record long  “shepherd's polenta and cheese”, chunk which is made from a considerable amount of polenta, prepared by the villagers, “decorated” with sheep cheese and sour cream. The Sibiu cheese sorts have become a national brand. We can find them on the tables of the boarding houses and restaurants, at fairs, markets and specialized shops and also on sale in front of the households.

Making the “shepherd's polenta and cheese” has become a tradition in the area, so that the organizers consider enlisting this in the Book of Records.

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